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A Sampling of Combined Results...

92% of all grads report significantly increased levels of self-confidence
& self-esteem

94% of teen grads report being totally
excited about going to college (vs. 60% at the start of the training)

91% of managers report markedly
improved working conditions and
employee cooperation levels

95% of adult grads report markedly
improved leadership capabilities

94% of parents see a direct link to dramatically lower school drop-out rates

96% of grads & 98% of parents see a
direct link to reduced bullying rates
A Note From Dr. Frank Ashby

The idea for a world-class leadership process for teenagers comparable to anything provided to top managers and executives
at America's best Fortune 500 companies first came to me during
my time on The Commission on Educational Credit & Credentials
in Washington, D. C. But it wasn't until several years later
while working on a book called
Developing Effective
Leadership Programs
with my good friend and colleague,
Dr. Jack Phillips, that it really started picking up steam.

The plan from the outset was to build the best, most results-oriented leadership process for teens ever, then price it in a way that put the entire experience within the financial reach of every teenager in America who wanted the results and was willing to do the work. After several years of research, writing and testing we succeeded. And it wasn't long before people starting requesting similar programs for other groups with the same commitment to quality, comprehensiveness and affordability.

And thus the
Ashby's Great Expectations series of programs was born.

Ashby program works best for those with a healthy dose of drive and ambition, and those who recognize a need for the potent set of skills and attitudes Ashby programs develop. Like all things of value, our processes take some work and a dedicated effort. But we think you'll find that every minute of time our class members invest thinking about and practicing the skills they acquire from our curriculums is returned to them many times over in lasting benefit.

Today, over 4 million people in 85 countries have participated in leadership programs designed or directed by Dr. Arthur Pell or
me, including managers and executives from
all of the Fortune 500.

Over 98% of all graduates say their expectations were exceeded by their
Ashby process, and over 95% refer a friend, family member or colleague. The average growth rate achieved by graduates is about three-times the industry average. According to the Phillips 5-Level ROI process, the average return-on-investment achieved by client organizations is approximately ten-times the industry average.


All Ashby's Great Expectations programs are dedicated to building
the 10 skills and attitudes most observed in outstanding leaders:

High Levels of Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
Leadership Ability & a Strong Moral Character
Interpersonal & Social Skills
Strong Oral Communications Skills
Strong Public Speaking Skills
Goal-Setting & Goal-Orientation Abilities
A Professional Appearance & Demeanor
A Positive & Enthusiastic Mental Attitude
The Ability to Thrive Under Pressure
An Ability to Avoid the 10 Major Life

But each also has it's own distinct characteristics:

Ashby's Great Expectations for High-Potential Teenagers...
... is focused at college and career-readiness. It complements American secondary school curriculums by combining the knowledge teens acquire in middle school and high school with comprehensive training in the real-world skills and attitudes demanded bytop American companies and colleges.

Ashby's Great Expectations for College Students...
... provides ambitious, career-oriented college and university students with comprehensive training in the 10 life and leadership skills top employers want most. Designed by a cooperating group of corporate HR executives, university officials and Fortune 500 leadership trainers, it's the perfect cap to a quality college education.

Ashby's Great Expectations for Working Adults...
... transforms high-potential employees into high-performing managers and executives , and weak organizational cultures into
cultures committed to excellence. Customized to the unique
needs of each client, it's offered primarily by Fortune 500
corporate universities and other organizations with
internal facilitation capabilities.

Ashby's Great Expectations for Returning Veterans...
... gives American militarypersonnel the tools they need to transition capably from careers in the armed services to careers in the private sector. Designed by a cooperating group of Fortune 500 trainers, Veterans Affairs officials and University professors, it's offered primarily by participating US Veterans Organizations, and American colleges and universities.


All Ashby's Great Expectations processes begin with a 24-session "core" sequence typically delivered over a 12-week period, followed by two optional reinforcement phases, Embed and Encore, that solidify new skills and convert them to new habits. The combining of these three distinct elements into one seamless training process is what gives Ashby's Great Expectations programs their remarkable impact, and enables them to generate results of unprecedented long-term value to participants.

All Ashby programs are also fully measurable at five levels:
satisfaction, learning, application, impact and return-on-investment. This increases the likelihood graduates will receive between 3 and 9 college credits from American colleges and universities offering assessments of prior learning.

More information about the programs a part of
Ashby's Great Expectations may be found via the links at the bottom of this page, or by contacting your local Ashby representative.
By The Numbers...

Participants in LCG management
programs tend to be bright, well-educated
and ambitious.

88% have a college degree, or above.
83% view themselves as "high-performing."
81% have 5 or more direct reports.
78% describe themselves as "career-oriented."
66% report to a vice president, or above
56% have a masters degree or
professional degree.
46% expect to be "promoted"
within 2 years.
What Participants Master...

The 12 Best Ways to Boost Self-Confidence & Self-Esteem
The 3 Super Secrets of Every Super-Achiever
The 8 Best Ways to Build Positive Relationships
38 Time-Tested Ways to Manage Stress
7 Simple Secrets for Making a Terrific Talk
The 10 Best Ways to Earn Trust & Respect
The 2 Seldom-Recognized Secrets of Success
12 Terrific Ways to Get Organized
The 3 Great Strengths of Every Truly Great Leader
4 Secrets to Getting Work Done Quickly, Well and On-Time
The 9 Key Goal-Setting Areas
The 13 Secrets of Poise & Social Grace
5 Quick & Easy Steps to a More Positive Attitude
How to Avoid the 10 Most Dangerous Teen Derailers
The 5 Keys to Dealing with Adversity & Disappointment
The 6 Things Great Speakers NEVER Do!
The 10 Critical Skills of World-Class Leaders
Your Personal 10-Step Planning Process
14 Time-Tested Ways to Impress an Audience
12 Terrific Tips for Leading a Group Meeting

Ashby's Great ExpectationsTM