The following is a look at how we define the 10 skills serving as the focus of all Ashby's Great Expectations programs, along with a list of how growth and improvement tend to be reflected in participants:

1. High Levels of
SELF-CONFIDENCE & SELF-ESTEEM - Characterized by a noticeably strong, healthy self-image, and a belief in one's ability and value as a person. Class members:

Become noticeably more poised, self-confident and self-assured.
Have a much clearer sense of and appreciation for their individual strengths.
Have noticeably higher levels of self-esteem, pride and self-respect.
Have overcome any fear of failure.
Are noticeably less shy and self-conscious.

2. Strong LEADERSHIP & CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT - Defined as a strong moral character, plus an ability to organize, energize and mobilize others to achieve important results. Class members:

Are much more analytical and objective when confronting tough problems and challenges.
Are able to use effective problem-analysis and decision-making tools.
Are perceived by others as credible, trustworthy leaders able to inspire others.
Use an "Activities Chart" and "Gantt Chart" to organize complex projects.
Are able to recite a list of 15 items, in any order, from memory.
Understand the 3 great strengths of every truly great leader, and are able to demonstrate each capably via an assortment of tools.
Are familiar with the classic leadership literature and concepts.
Have established reputations for honesty, integrity, reliability and a strong moral character.

3. Strong INTERPERSONAL & SOCIAL SKILLS - Characterized by the ability to get along with others and be recognized as a thoughtful, considerate, trustworthy individual. Class members:

Are noticeably more respectful, tolerant and appreciative of others.
Make consistently "good first impressions" via the application of 5 key skills.
Understand how to put the S-T-A-R formula to work in social situations.
Know how to start, sustain and end a social conversation with ease and grace.
Remember the names of others much more easily and consistently.
Are consistently sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.
Are able to demonstrate advanced interpersonal and social skills.

4. Clear, Concise ORAL COMMUNICATIONS SKILLS - Defined as an ability to organize and express one's thoughts in a logical, intelligent, understandable way. Class members:

Are able to organize and express their thoughts with greater ease and effectiveness.

5. Strong PUBLIC SPEAKING SKILLS - Characterized by an ability to organize and express one's thoughts in a group setting of any size. Class members:

Are able to speak extemporaneously at any time before an audience of any size.
Are able to prepare and present longer talks.

6. Strong GOAL-SETTING & GOAL-EXECUTION Capabilities - Characterized by the demonstrating of the skills & discipline needed to identify, set and pursue meaningful goals in a host of areas. Class members:

Have assembled comprehensive Personal Achievement Lists for daily review.
Demonstrate a more focused and disciplined approach to daily life and the pursuit of goals.
Show a much greater tendency to persevere and remain diligent in the pursuit of important goals.
Are in the habit of making a daily "To-Do" list.
Are able to show proof of having set, pursued and achieved a number of key program-related goals.

7. A Neat, Professional APPEARANCE & DEMEANOR - Characterized by appropriately-styled clothing and a healthy, properly respectful self-image. Class members:

Practice dress and grooming habits that serve as an example for others.

8. A Genuinely POSITIVE & ENTHUSIASTIC MENTAL ATTITUDE - Characterized by an ability to look positively and optimistically at one's life and prospects for the future, while also maintaining high levels of energy and motivation. Class members:

Consistently demonstrate greater enthusiasm and more positive mental attitudes.

9. An Ability to THRIVE UNDER PRESSURE - Characterized by an ability to clearly visualize success, sharpen one's focus and maintain one's composure in difficult and stressful situations. Class members:

Demonstrate impressive levels of poise and self-control in challenging, stressful situations.
Are able to spot and alleviate the symptoms of excessive stress and tension.

10. An Ability to AVOID THE 10 MAJOR LIFE DERAILERS - Defined as those avoidable events and circumstances in life that derail and often threaten to destroy promising lives.
Class members:

Are fully familiar with the 10 most devastating life derailers and how best to avoid falling victim.



The 10 skills and abilities serving as the focus of all Ashby's Great Expectations processes were selected based on industry research and decades of experience with Fortune 500 managers and executives.

They are the qualities and attributes most human resources professionals look for
first in new hires, and the skills research shows are most consistently demonstrated by high-performing adults.

Franklin C. Ashby, Ph.D.

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